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I have a selection of zines available wholesale to distributors. See the listings below for information on each.

Please contact me via email at info@jameschip.io with any questions or to make an order.

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Wassail is a game of hot drinks, ancient trees and ritual. It tasks its players with making a special hot drink, called wassail, and walking out into the woods at night to find the oldest tree and perform a ritual.

This game straddles the border of a rules light story telling RPG and LARP; and should appeal to players with an adventurous streak that enjoy nature and magic in equal measures.

A Wood Heart

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A wood heart is a story writing and map drawing game for 2 -4 players played with a deck of tarot cards, a six sided dice and pencils, paper and erasers.

As a group you all play the roles of the spirits in that live in the forest telling stories about the events that happen to the Wood Heart that sits in the very centre of the forest. Humans have recently moved into the area and have started building larger and larger settlements. How will this affect your forest, and will it survive?


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Equa! is an OSR adjacent system for tabletop role playing. It is about as minimal and esoteric as a role playing game can get.

The system itself is presented as a set of 'equations' that are only as correct as need be to facilitate the playing of the game.

Make of it what you will.

Equa! and it's expansions and addons follow a similar ethos. While not all being laid out as equations they all provide you with the tools to do something while leaving how to use those tools up to the players.