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Press Release

Wassail is getting a print release for Zine Month!

James Chip is opening pre-orders for a print version of Wassail from February the 1st. Grab your copy, prepare a warm drink and head out into a forest at night!

February 1st 2022 - James Chip is opening pre-orders for a print release of the story telling game Wassail on his web shop. This printed zine will be the perfect version of the rules to carry into a forest with you while you search for the perfect tree.

Wassail is a game of hot drinks, ancient trees and ritual. It is a game about forests and the stories they have to tell us. It is a game about going out and getting to know your local woodlands that little bit better; through a little bit of magic and story telling.

"So many games guide the players in creating a story while sitting at a table. I wanted to create a game that got people out of the usual tabletop setting and having them actually interact with the world. I wanted to create a game that, rather than enabling players to tell stories, enabled a forest to tell you it's stories" * James Chip

Wassail has the players making a flask of a warm spiced apple drink up, wrapping up warm and heading out into an area with trees at night to perform a ritual. While making lots of noise to scare off evil spirits the players go hunting for what looks like the oldest tree, and once they find it they make and offering of the wassail to it. Once the offering has been made the players use a deck of Lenormand cards (or regular playing cards) to discover secrets about the areas past that only the trees can know.

Once the tree has told you about the history of the area it players make one last reading at the end of the game. This time, collectively, the players take a reading about what the tree thinks its future holds.

The printed version of the game Will feature a cover and illustrations by Lizbeth Poirier (), an artist, designer and illustrator, goth druid, musician and craftsperson.

Prepare yourself for a trip into the woods, grab a digital copy of Wassail from itch, or pre order the print version from James Chips shop

About James Chip

James Chip is an independent tabletop game designer and software engineer seeking to create the absurd and interesting things that nobody asked for. He enjoys creating nonsense out of order and turning the useful on it's head.