{Dirty Rice} - Cajun rice dish
{Cajun Black Beans} - Spicy Black Beans
{Cajun Spice Mix} - Spice mix from Louisiana.
{Red Lentil Dal} - A simple red lentil dal
{Fajita Spice Mix} - Mexican spice mix.
{Quick pickled red onions.} - Tasty pickled red onions for the fridge.
{Flour tortillas} - Flour tortilla recipe.
{Shawarma Spice Mix} - Levantine spice mix.
{Rice Fucking Pudding} - Yes!
{Spiced Rice} - A nice middle eastern inspired rice.
{Chickpea Shawarma} - A salad with shawarma roasted chickpeas
{Saag Aloo} - Classic Indian potato dish.