James Chip


A blocky terminal drawing in greyscale of planet floating in space surrouded by stars. Test on the image reads

Here are a selection of my favorite softwareprojects I have created. Most of them are very minimal and are designed to be light enough to run on as much hardware as I can.None of them support windows, and only support macos though coincidence, if at all. Linux is where I develop, and is where my software is besused too.

See a completelist of my software projects.


A short form journaling program written in a single shell script that only works on your local machine

Read more about Almanac.


A keyboard driven drawing and text layout tool for your terminal.

Read more about Scenes.

Micro Fiction Games Jam

A yearly game jam where people make a game that fits into 250 characters.

Read more about the Micro Fiction Games Jam

Two Stats

A joke website about small rpgs.

Read more about two stats.


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