James Chip


A game about quietly touching trees with a friend
The Cartesian Plains
An infinite esoteric adventure.
A short form journaling software for your local machine written in bash.
A Wood Heart
A game about the intersections of humans and forests, and the effects of industrialisation.
A listing of all the software projects I have released.
My digital take on a zettlekasten
A static site generator that works with the lizard
Chess Variant # 6
A Chess variant that fixed the knowledge problem.
A game of hot drinks, ancient trees and ritual magic.
The Cutout
Cut up your book!
The Queen Returns
A solo Letter writing game about an absentee Queen
Magical Bastard Place
A small adventure for Equa! made for the Random Adventure Jam
A list of all of the games I have made.
Micro Fiction Games Jam
A yearly game jam about making small games.
Random Table
A Random Table
The Anti Capitalist Game licence
Am anti capitalist licence for publishing tablbetop games.
Equa! is an esoteric rpg formatted entirely as quations.
The Adventurer
A solo journaling game of creating a world as you explore it.
Two Stats
A joke website about ttrpgs
River Trash
You are trash. Bob and float.
Theoretically Infinite Naughts and Crosses
Theoretically Infinite Naughts and Crosses
A Christmas themed card table for The Adventurer
A wretched and alone game about a lone lighthouse during a storm.
A Solitary Tree
A ghost story I wrote.
The Lizard
A Markup syntax that flows into Tiffey
Very Useful Spells Indeed
A singlepage mini zine filled with very useful spells indeed.
A keyboard driven drawing and text layout tool for the terminal.