Wine-o were a seven piece skacore band that I was in while in college, we were known mostly for being the ‘party’ band always drinking in excess during our gigs. The band was formed when I met the guitarist, Cieran, in the car park outside a local punk gig. We shared a bottle of Chinzano (I still have no ide where it came from but it became somewhat of a band mascot) and bonded over a shared enthusiasm for The Voodoo Glow Skulls. Here you will find for download all the recordings we made between the years of 2002 and 2006.

2002 ~ The good ep

It was a very hot summer weekend when this was recorded in our guitarists parents house while they were on holiday. We stocked up with several bottles of cheap whisky, a case of special brew and a bottle of Chinzano; borrowed a small tape 4 track from a guy called Thor (rip) and set to recording. We only had one microphone, no monitors and a single pair of headphones but tried our hardest to record something at least ok. The ‘rap’ was put on the end later and became the standard way for us to end a set.


Track list

2004 ~ Wine-o (self titled)

This second recording was done at a local recoding studio that we got access to for free because someone that worked there owed us a favor. We recorded the whole thing in the evenings over a period of about a week while the studio was supposed to be closed. We had free reign to use the equipment as we wished on the understanding that we tidied up for the morning. We didn’t really have much of an idea what we were doing and in the true diy style made it up as we went along. We learned a shit ton and came out of it with a half decent recording.



2006 ~ Previously unreleased stuff

By this point the band had kind of had its day. The constant traveling with 7 - 8 other people in the back of a transit van was taking its toll and we had all started moving onto the next stages of our lives. We had a kitty with some spare cash in it that we used for petrol, food, drink and more drink when on the road. We decided to blow it all on a proper recording and go out on one last tour. Unfortunately after making the recording we ran out of enthusiasm for doing anything and we were never all in the same place again. This I feel was not only the best recording we made but also i think the best set of songs we wrote.