My best solo games 2019

Most of my game time at the moment is solo tabletop gaming. I got into tabletop gaming as a way to get my gaming fix, get away from a computer screen and meet some new people. I did all of these things (hurrah!) but at this point I can only manage to make it to my local gaming group sporadically. So here we are, 2019 is drawing to a close and these were my favorite solo games of the year. Note that these are not the bes solo games of 2019, these are the best solo games that I have played in 2019.

Nemos War 2nd edition

This is just a great game. It looks great, plays great and drips with theme. When you sit in front of the board you really do get the feeling that you are sitting in a war room hatching your plans. The mechanics here are pretty simple, you choose which action to take, each action has an associated target number that you have to beat by rolling dice. There are ways of modifying dice rolls to make your life a little bit easier but to do so you spend your ships resources and once they are gone its game over. The game moves along at a fir pace and it isn’t long before the worlds oceans start to fill up with navy ships trying to hunt you and your crew down. To be honest sometimes just making it to the end with your crew and ship intact feels like a win in itself. This is by ar my favorite game I have played in several years.

The 7th Continent

I missed the kickstarter for this and recently the opportunity arose to grab a reprint of just the base game. I haven’t had this game for long but its a firm favorite already. Its the closest you can get to a choose your own adventure book but in board game format. To take actions is this game you draw cards from an action deck and look at how many stars are on them as to if you succeed or not, the twist is that cards in your action deck are your characters life force and the more actions you take the closer to death you get. You really do get the feeling that you are a lone adventurer fighting for survival on the 7th continent. The game looks great too.

Deep space D6

This is a top class solo for when you have a spare half an hour to fill. It looks great on the table the components themselves are great quality. Its a simple game to play, you roll dice, take the actions they allow you to and try to destroy the big boss at the end. There is not much else to say about this little game other than it comes off my shelf a lot and will keep doing so for a long time yet.

Four against darkness

This is a great solo dungeon crawling game for one person. All you need to play is the game book, a few dice and a pen and paper, It transports you right back to playing the pen and paper RPG games of your youth. The rules are simple and game sessions can be picked up and put down at ease. One of the great things here is that there are add on adventure books that allow your characters to level up!

Other notable mentions

Blackstone fortress - Warhammer Quest but in 40k and playable solo!
Sagrada - All of the pretty dice!

So that is it really. Its been a pretty good year for solo games for me. The only game I was really looking forward to that didn’t deliver was Villagers, its not a bad game to play with other people but as a solo game, for me it just fell a little short. Here is to a hopefully fun and exciting 2020 filled with all sorts of other solo gaming treats.