Paints and Brushes

So I paint a few miniatures here and there and it popped into my mind that I have never made a list of all of my miniature paints. This is not a huge task for made as I am not the kind of person that insists on having every single colour imaginable, instead I often mix my own and make do. Thats not to say I don’t buy any paint at all though. Anyway here is a list of all the little pots I have at the moment.


Winsor & Newton Series 7 Sizes: 0 1 2 3
Citadel Layer Size: 5
Army Painter Wargamer: Small Drybrush, Regiment, Insane Detail
Daler-Rowney Sapphire size: 8

Vallejo game Colour

72.143 - Heavy Blue
72.021- MagicBlue
72.012 - Scarlet Red
72.010 - Bloody Red
72.106 - Bloody Red
72.034 - Bonewhitw
72.061 - Khaki (2 of for some reason)
72.063 - Desert Yellow
72.098 - Elfic Flesh
72.004 - Elf Skintone (This is not a nice colour!)
72.044 - Dark Fleshtone
72.066 - Tan
72.003 - Pale Flesh
72.037 - Filthy Brown
72.042 - Parasite Brown
72,062 - Earth
72.043 - Beasty Brown
72.016 - Royal Purple
72.015 - Hexed Lichen
72.148 - Heavy Warmgrey (This is extra opaque and dries slightly purple)
72.055 - Polished Gold
72.056 - Glorious Gold
72.054 - Gunmetal (2 of again)
72.052 - Silver (yep, just silver)
72.053 - Chainmail Silver
72.060 - Tinny Tin
72.057 - Bright Bronze

Vallejo Game Ink

72.091 - Sepia (I put a thin coat of this slightly thinned over pallid whych flesh for dirty cloth) 72.094 - Black

Vallejo Model Colour

70.961 - Sky Blue
70.915 - Deep Yellow


Ulthan Grey
Pallid Wych Flesh
Screaming Scull
Ogryn Camo
Cadian Fleshtone
Flayed One Flesh
Mechanicus Standard Grey
Administratum Grey
Genestealer Purple
Emperors Childern
Jokaero Orange
Troll Sslayer Orange
Fire Dragon Bright
Warplock Bronze
Brass Scorpion
Retributor Armor
Nihilakh oxide

Citadel Washes

Drakennhof Nightshade
Nuln Oil
Carroburg Crimson
Athonian Camoshade
Druchii Violet
Agrax Earthsshade

Army Painter Warpaints

Barbarian Flesh
Matt White
Matt Black
Bright Gold
Shining Silver

Army Painter Quickshade

Flesh Wash
Strong Tone


73.807 - Thick Mud (vallejo, I plaster this on and then push small rocks into it, acts like glue and looks great for a quick base)
70.401 - White Plastic Putty (Vallejo)
Agrelian Earth

Mediums and other bits

70.510 - Gloss varnish (Vallejo)
70.522 - Satin Varnish (Vallejo)
70.520 - Matt Varnish (Vallejo)
70.596 - Glaze Medium (Vallejo)
Lahmian Medium (Citadel)
Contrast medium (Citadel)
73.601 - Grey Surface Primer (Vallejo)
Ultimate Primer Black
Testors Dullcote (spray)