2019 -> 2020


At the start of 2019 I made a small list of things I wanted to do with the year so lets just go over how I got on shall we?

Garden more, grow more

We moved to a house with a bit of garden space to play with and i wanted 2019 to be a year where I got to grips with growing things. We did spend quite a lot of time in the garden doing one job or another but it felt more like we spent most of the year getting the garden under control and planning for the upcoming year rather than actually growing stuff.

Work on prioritizing projects

I wanted to learn to prioritize personal projects more efficiently and focus on the ones that really got me excited. I have a tendency to flit from one project to the next and never finish anything and this year I was determined to focus more on finishing projects or prioritizing which projects I even started with the goal of actually producing meaningful output. I guess I succeeded at this, the fact you are reading this post is proof of that. Starting a website again has been something I have been trying organize for a long time but I kept going from solution to solution without ever publishing and now here we are. I also built my own Markdown editor (Autograph) a CLI journal tool (Almanac) and released my first solo RPG (The Adventurer). I feel like Inktober was a large part in me learning how to focus on a project. I learned a lot about myself and how to motivate myself and manage my time while taking part.

Read more.

I did, considerably more. I feel better for having done it too. Gave me a lot to think about.

Play when possible

I also did. I got further into solo board games and continued to play TTRPG’s with a small group. Its been great for providing a relaxing activity when I feel i am at risk off burning out on other projects.


And now we look forward into 2020. What am I focusing on in 2020?


I made great steps last year towards focusing on finishing projects that seemed important to me and abandoning ones that were either fruitless or not a concept nailed down enough to be worth investing a lot of time in at the moment until I find some clarity. Part of what I said about getting projects done last year was using my already existing knowledge and not get distracted by learning new technology all the time and use the tools I have to create. Part of this though is also knowing when the tools I am using need to change. I worked a lot with javascript and electron to create applications that were cross platform this year and while they are good I feel that it is a huge number of dependencies to carry around to make relatively simple and lightweight applications. I also reconnected with my love of CLI tools and simplifying interfaces, with this in mind I think JS and electron are out and go is in. I looked at rust and while impressive it also has a steep learning curve and to be honest if I need a systems language at any point I can hold my own pretty well with C. I wanted a fairly high level language that would allow me to compile to binary instead of shipping a load of dependencies and golang seems to fit the bill pretty well.

Keep better track of information (and create tools to do it)

I do a lot of ‘research’ reading articles and papers on an variety of different subjects and I always rely on nothing but memory to hold it all. Needless to say a whole lot of it goes missing in the ether. I need to start keeping more notes on things for reference. I haven’t been able to find a method of doing this that fits my exactly to what I want yet so I intend to curate my own research tools.

Continue reading

Don’t become complacent and stop reading. I have not only enjoyed reading again but I feel I am actually getting quite a lot from it too. It is keeping my mind moving and I want to keep it that way.


I had a brief dalliance with Novembeat this year but it came right after Inktober and to be honest by the end of October I had burned out a little and needed some time to rest. I do now however want to get back in the saddle with music and 2020 should hopefully see my first new music for… a while. Which brings me onto something else…

The Kalimba

I have come into possession of a kalimba and i would like to learn to play it, which brings me onto my next thing…

Read music

And this is something that has been on my list for a long time. I did start learning a long time ago but never having to use it means it never properly went in. This year while learning the kalimba I want to be able to get to a music reading point where I can read as I play smoothly instead on having to keep stopping. I want to become a fluid music reader.

So there we have it, 2019 didn’t go so bad for me and im pretty excited for getting stuck into a creative 2020.