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Micro Fiction Games Jam

A screen shot of a browser displaying the micro finction games jam website.
Visit the Micro Fiction Games Jam website.

The micro fiction games jam is a yearly event where people write games that fit in a single tweet on a common theme. I started the jam in November 2020 as a fun way of exploring extreme limits on creativity. It ran for two weeks and people were allowed to submit multiple games in that time.

A link to the game How Animals Evolve on the Micro Fiction Games Jam Website.

The Website

The website for the game jam was made very minimalist for three reasons.

Things like JavaScript, tracking and external fonts and API's were avoided as much as possible to to provide a clean and fast user experience. CSS was also kept to a minimum. These technologies are often used when they have no real need to be. While creating this website I continuously asked myself the question "Does this add to the content on the page in a useful way?". If the answer was that it bought nothing to the actual content being displayed then it had no need to exist, nor actually should it.

The Tools

To generate the website when people sent entries in I created a set of simple fish scripts. Running the scripts when in the websites root directory creates all of the pages the site needs from template files.

Visit the Micro Fiction Games Jam on codeberg.


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