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The Lizard

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The Lizard is a simple syntax for creating content for web pages. Unlike markdown Lizard uses a single unified syntax for all tags making it easier to remember, tags can also not be nested which promotes a single unified style on sites.

It was laterabandoned in favour of gemtext.


Headers from h1 to h6 in size

{{ h1 title text }}


{{ li www.jameschip.io link text }}


{{ im image_location image rollover text }}

Text style

{{ br }} just replaced with a line break.

{{ bo bold text }}

{{ it italic text }}

{{ ul underlined text }}

{{ bq this stuff is in a blockquote }}

{{ cb this is text in a code block }}


this is text before the list.

{{ bp bullet point text 1 }}

{{ bp next list item }}

{{ bp next list item }}

this is tex after the list


Liz is a small tool for converting text in The Lizard format into HTML.

It is recommended, but not mandatory, to give files using The Lizard

syntax the extension '.liz'.

The template file is an htmll file with a line that contains only the text ontent}} in it. Lizard will replace the tag with the generated html from converting your lizard markup.


gcc lizard.c parser.c -o liz


liz -i fileToParse.liz -d outputDirectory -t templateFile


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