James Chip


A hand drawm picureofa mossinblackink.it showsa leafy stem with a sporophyte poking out on a long shoot.


I have created a number of analogue games to play such as Equa!- an esoteric role playing game; and Wassail - a game of hot drinks, ancient trees and ritual magic. All of them are available from my itch page, and a few of them are available as printed zines.

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I like writing small pieces of software, and some of them are useful! Not all but some. I like to write in C or using scripting in BASH or Fish to create tools such as Mardle - the small static site generator used to create this website; and Almanac - a little journaling tool written in bash.

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Other projects

I sometimes undertake non game and non software related things, and this is where the details of these will be stored.

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