James Chip


The Queen Returns
A solo Letter writing game about an absentee Queen
A Christmas themed card table for The Adventurer
Equa! is an esoteric rpg formatted entirely as quations.
River Trash
You are trash. Bob and float.
The Cartesian Plains
An infinite esoteric adventure.
Very Useful Spells Indeed
A singlepage mini zine filled with very useful spells indeed.
A Wood Heart
A game about the intersections of humans and forests, and the effects of industrialisation.
A list of all of the games I have made.
Two Stats
A joke website about ttrpgs
The Adventurer
A solo journaling game of creating a world as you explore it.
Micro Fiction Games Jam
A yearly game jam about making small games.
The Cutout
Cut up your book!
A Room To Live In
A short interactive fiction.
A game of hot drinks, ancient trees and ritual magic.
Chess Variant # 6
A Chess variant that fixed the knowledge problem.
A wretched and alone game about a lone lighthouse during a storm.
Theoretically Infinite Naughts and Crosses
Theoretically Infinite Naughts and Crosses
A game about quietly touching trees with a friend
Magical Bastard Place
A small adventure for Equa! made for the Random Adventure Jam