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A black silhouette of a tree against a light green background.

I have created several games, and game related tools, over the last few years. On this page you will find a selection of my personal favorite game projects I have created. Most of these are tabletop role playing games of one sort or another, one is a ritual to be done among trees.

see a complete list of all game related projects I have made.

The Adventurer

The adventurer is a solo journal writing game about exploring a world of your own creation as you play. Using just a deck of cards, and your own imagination, you will go on a wild adventure in an unknown land.

Read more about The Adventurer.


Equa! is an esoteric role playing game made of equations. It gives you the tools of play, but no instruction.

Read more about Equa! on this website.
Visit the Equa! website.


Wassail is a game of hot drinks, ancient trees and ritual magics. It is a way for people to reconnect with nature in their local environment, and experience a little real life magic.

Read more about Wassail.

A Wood Heart

A Wood Heart is a tabletop map drawing and story telling game about the intersection of a forest and a new human settlement. It is a game heavily about industrialisation and the impact our actions can have.

Read more about A Wood Heart.

The Queen Returns

The Queen Returns is a solo letter writing game about a Queen that has left her kingdom under unknown circumstances. Taking the role of one of the Queens closes assistants you secretly write letter to them informing them of the state of the country. When The Queen finally returns, what will they find?

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A wretched and alone game about a lighthouse.

Read more about light.

Chess Variant Number 6

A chess variant that fixes the problem of chess being a knowledge game using dice pools.

Read more about Chess Variant Number 6

The Cutout

Who are you? Cut up your book.

Reed more about The Cutout.

Micro Fiction Games Jam

A yearly game jam where people make a game that fits into 250 characters.

Read more about the Micro Fiction Games Jam


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