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Equa! is an OSR adjacent system for tabletop role playing. It is about as minimal and esoteric as a role playing game can get.

The system itself is presented as a set of 'equations' that are only as correct as need be to facilitate the playing of the game.


The original Equa! system itself was designed to be as minimal as possible while also providing a fully playable and flexible OSR system.

It does this by providing a minimal set of tools for you to use to play games, but not a set of instructions on how to use them.

The equation format was chosen instead of plain text as it makes it possible to convey the dice mechanics of an OSR game in as concise of a way as possible.

Equa! Core Book

The Equa! Core Book adds a fully playable dungeon to the Equa! game providing both a small bestiary and dungeon map to go along with it.

Again this book gives the players the tools to be able to play the game, but leaves the way to use to use them up to the players.

Equations were chosen as the format to keep in line with the minimal aesthetic of the original system and convey on just the information needed to be able to play the game.

The dungeon and bestiary parts of the book leave a lot of blanks that need to be filled in by the players. Some of the beings encountered in the dungeon do not have bestiary entries, none of the skills have explanations, lots of parts of the dungeon only contain key words that hint at the content of the room. It is through these missing pieces of information that it is hoped that the players will create a more individual and interesting game than just being served up a concrete set of rules that create a walled garden in which to play.