James Chip

The Cartesian Plains

A large cross is in the centre of the image rising up out of the I in the word Cartesian of the title cartesian plains.
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I was in the library when I found it. They said it never existed, but those shelves fold in on themselves in a way people often don't notice. Now, each evening while I sleep I find myself in that timeless, shapeless place; and each morning I leave a little bit more of myself there. Soon there will be nothing of me left.

Look upon the contents at your own risk, do with it what you will, ask not what it is.

Be lost.

Spoilers beyond this point.

This book is an infinite esoteric adventure for Equa! the esoteric rpg. It is formatted as a bunch of tables and code bocks for you to create an adventure with.

How to use these tools is left as an exercise for the players.


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