{Autograph on Codeberg }

Autograph is a minimal markdown editor with simple and entirely keyboard driven interface. It has 2 working modes which can be toggled between by pressing meta+d.

Dual view mode.

In dual view mode the file you are editing is displayed on the left of the interface and a preview of your files format is displayed on the right. The preview of your file is updated as you type so you can see your changes as you go.

Single view mode

Sometimes while in the flow of writing the constantly updating preview can be distracting. In single view mode the preview is hidden and only the file you are editing is displayed. You can switch back and forth between the preview and edit view by using the tab key.

Keyboard commands

Libs used

The following libraries were used in creating this project :
{Ecosystem Themes } by Hundred rabbits.
{Remarkable markdown parser. }