Hello there digital nomad my name is James Chip, welcome to my corner of the internet. I am not really sure what it is you are supposed to write about on an about page. Some say just write about yourself, but alas I feel I might be a rather drab person to read about. Some others say don’t write about yourself just write about the content. Unfortunately for me there is not a great deal of content here to be written about at the moment and as this blog is early days I don’t really know what form the content will take yet. Some suggest to write about the service you can provide, and as I don’t intend to offer a service from here that goes out the window too. So here is where I find myself, having not much to write about on an about page and instead writing about the about page. I is to my mind however that this about page should have something of the abouts about it and so i will now endeavour to fill it with information.


Two things that you will find here are my reading list and my project page. The reading list is what it sounds like. I found for a while that I was not reading as much as I once did and I have started to keep this list as a way to motivate me to read more often. bear in mind I am quite a slow reader so don’t expect me to be updating this with a book a month. The project page is a kind of wiki for each of my projects i have in the pipeline at the moment, each project having its own page. Then there is the blog. This blog, I suspect, will mostly be a personal blog. The content of the posts you might expect to find will range from:

This might seem unfocused and a bit of a mess but I suppose that is haw a personal blog should be, after all, are we not all a little bit of a mess ourselves anyway?


There isn’t really much to say here. I write software, I make music, I like to garden, I like to cook. Thats about it. Also my spelling and grammar are not great so please bear with me if you find spelling and punctuation errors, I am trying my best and am getting better all the time. Nobody proof reads this so what happens happens.